Private Show with Fashion TV Indonesia

Kalyana bag for Fashion TV in the Private event showcase at Uluwatu Bali Kalyana has the opportunity to join the fabulous event in God of Island, Bali on 17 August 2016 called Fashion TV showcase. The collaboration with two-others Indonesia fashion designers Lia Siregar collections and Embun Pagi, Kalyana Indonesia has shown the latest handbags design which always bring the Indonesia culture with the authentic Batik engraved.In Bracha Villa Uluwatu, guests were enjoyed the beautiful evening with Dj’s chill out music which has brought the private fashion show successful. Kalyana has honored to present ten collections from the best seller Ashadewi bag and following pretty genuine leather bag called Alisha, Naisha, Andien Duo, Danumaya with different color choices for women’s handbags.Hopefully, Our commitment and love toward the local content of creative industries through our handbag will allow us to introduce to fashion people of our quality in design and materials.

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